Monday, 20 June 2011

Final Project for FMP

I have completed my final illustrations for my book! Wooo YEAHH!!!

Here are a few examples ;

The medium used was letraset fineliners for the inking, promarkers for the characters colours, watercolour for the backgrounds and adobe photoshop to add text.

I have also published the book online using, and you can buy it here!


Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Text for story!

Here is the storyboard for my picture book, and rough ideas of what the text will be!

Page one - no text, just an illustration of the opening scene.
 Page two -  One bright sunny morning, Cindy looked out of her window and said " wow! what a beautiful day! I shall walk to the shop and buy a huge ice-cream to eat in the sunshine!" So Cindy grabbed some change and set off down the road, passing butterflies and squirrels.

Page Three - After walking down the road for a while, Cindy came across a red bridge, which she knew she had to cross to make her way to the shop! But to her amazement, as she crossed the bridge, a ship with a band of evil pirates sailed towards her! 
 Page four - before Cindy could escape, the mean pirates scooped her up in a giant ladle and dropped her onto the ship. They tied her up, the captain saying "Arrr, ye shall cook and clean for us, or be thrown into the deep blue sea!!"

Page Five - So poor Cindy had no choice but to cook awful pirate stew... to scrub at the pirate's old clothes.... to serve them -CRASH!! Suddenly, a fearsome sea monster took hold of the ship, casting it into the ocean!!!
 Page Six - with the sea beast dragging the ship to the ocean floor, Cindy took in a deep breath, and swam away as fast as she could!! But despite all the colourful sea creatures around her, Cindy could not stay underwater much longer!

Page seven - Luckily, a beautiful mermaid with flowing red hair had spotted Cindy! "Follow me!" Said the mermaid, "I can help you find shore!" Cindy and the mermaid swam to the land, and Cindy climbed out, thanking the mermaid as she dived back into the water.
 Page eight - Sadly Cindy appeared to be lost in a scary forest... it was dark, cold and she had no idea where she was. "I hope I find my way to the shop soon" Cindy cried. The forest was far too scary for Cindy, so she ran as far as she could to find a way out.

Page Nine - After running for what seemed like forever, Cindy came across the most amazing mansion, with a huge drive and golden fountains. "Someone fantastic must live here!" Cindy thought to herself. "A-ha, I see you are admiring my house", a voice sounded below Cindy, "I am quite proud of it, however it is much too small for someone like myself!" Cindy looked down, and to her suprise, a tiny puppy was in front of her, talking.
Page ten - Cindy swooped down and scooped up the puppy with joy! " I love Puppies, especially sausage dogs!" she cried, " and it says on your collar your name is Pickles, what a sweet name!" The puppy, looking annoyed, jumped out of her arms, stood up straight and said "My name is Reginald, I am not a puppy, I am not sweet, I am a gentleman, thank you very much! Now, can I help you get somewhere?"

Page eleven - As Pickles, I mean Reginald, seemed to know the way, Cindy followed him down the road to a bridge, where the puppy exclaimed, "I am far too tall to fit under this bridge, the shop you are looking for is just around the corner!" Cindy went on alone.... AND HOORAY!! Cindy leapt for joy, as she had finally reached the shop she had been looking for all along.
Page twelve - Cindy skipped down the aisle, threw her coins onto the desk and said happily, "I'd like one of your largest ice-creams, please!" At last, Cindy had what she wanted, and skipped home in the sunshine, clutching her reward!


Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Final Major Project

I have started to work on my FMP! Today I wrote a first draft of my statement of intent, and swapped it with a friend to compare ideas and help eachother with any mistakes we may have overlooked. Also, I have looked into other artists for inspiration.

Tim Bradford

Patrick Boyer

Ella Tjader

Currently I am thinking of having a graphic, vibrantly coloured style for my illustrations. I want to make a series of sequential images, at the moment my target audience are teenagers, so as part of my research I will be talking to teenagers to see what kind of thing they would like to see in, for example and illustrated picture book.


Monday, 4 April 2011

Possible front cover image...

Here is a possbile image to use on the front cover for my "Apocalypse or something with bunnies and an octopus" (working title ;))

Richard Phipps

I really like the illustrator Richard Phipps' style. He uses pen and ink and cross-hatching to create tone and detail.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011


 So, in my graphic novel, I will be going from this....


to this.... 


My brief..

So... I will be making a graphic novel with the story that turns a utopian society dystopian, with an apocalypse scenario.